IEEE Full Form: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer

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The IEEE full form in the institute is the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer. IEEE is the largest technical professional association given to advance and technological excellence for the benefit of people. The IEEE especially is designed to build industry standards, serve professional performance to the people in every aspect of the electrical, electronics, and computing field.

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer has one thousand employees to manage the activities support of the institute. As of January 2017, Karen Bartleson is the director and CEO of the IEEE Institute. This institute is especially known for Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Information Technology.

History of IEEE:

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineer was founded in the year 1963 by the merger of the two institutes. The first is the Institute of Radio Engineering (IRO) and the second is the American Institute of Electrical Engineer.

Institute of Radio Engineer was founded in the year 1912 and the founder was Alfred Norton Goldsmith. American Institue of Electrical Engineer was founded in the year 1884 and the founder of AIEE was some of the most prominent, inventors and innovators in the field of Electronics.

In the beginning, it had 150,000 members, 93% from the United State. In 1984 there were 250,000 members, 20% from the United State.

The purpose of starting AIEE was to promote the art and science of electronics and connection with the production of electronic things use with the help of electricity to work done easily.

Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineer is especially focused on the following subject:

  1. Electrical Engineering
  2. Electronic and Communication Engineering
  3. Computer Engineering
  4. Information Technology

Headquarters of IEEE: The Headquater present in New York in the United States of America.

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IEEE Standards:

  • 802 — LAN/MAN
  • 802.1 — Media access control (MAC)
  • 802.2 — Logical Link Control (LLC)
  • 802.11 — Wireless Networking “WiFi”

Key points of IEEE:

  • IEEE is a non-profits association.
  • It works on the profits of the people.
  • IEEE is known as Eye Triple E
  • It is also known as the best standard for the computer and electronic industry.

Publication IEEE Full Form:

Institution of Electrical and Electronics Engineering produces 30% of the world literature in the computer field and electronic field. More than 200 journalists made the magazine on IEEE. IEEE publishes more than 1200 conferences every year.

Education Activities:

IEEE offers in education such as the IEEE e-learning library, the Education Partners Program, Standard in Education, and Continuing Education unit.

  • IEEE e-learning library is an online educational course for self-paced learning.
  • Education Partners is Exclusive for IEEE members, offers an online degree program with a certificate, and a 10% discount on course.
  • Standard in Education explain what standards are and what is the importance of development and how to use them.
  • IEEE also offers a website designed for young people for a better future in the future career and understand of engineering.